Sustainability at The Buildings Show

Together we are creating a sustainable future for the entire built environment!

The Buildings Show is committed to promote sustainability for the entire Built Environment. We work within our community to bring content that is relevant to the Design, Construction and Property Management sectors that educates on socially responsible practices to be taken back to those sectors. We also work with our exhibitors, suppliers and sponsors to reduce our Show’s impact on the environment. These current sustainability initiatives and actions are listed below for further reference: 

  • We work with our community to identify areas of sustainable development, growth, initiatives and direction in the design, construction and real estate operations. From new construction to renovations and systems and processes and building code changes, help champion change through our community at our events.

  • Content of the event includes a large component of sustainable conversations, addressing environment, smart buildings and smart cities, and socially responsible building practices.

  • The Buildings Show works with up to 58 local educational institutions to engage students and the next generation in the content of the Show and understand future employment opportunities.

  • The Buildings Show works with leading associations, such as Canadian Green Building Council and Canadian Solar Industry Association, to identify topics and promote sustainable building and construction practices within our communities.

  • The Metro Toronto Convention Centre sources many F&B products locally; 80% of wine, 65% of all food and beverages and 75% of meat, fish and dairy is sourced locally to support local farmers and producers 
  • Any leftover food from events is donated by the Metro Toronto Convention Centre to local food banks and shelters

  • Habitat for Humanity picks up approximately 10-15 skids of materials that can be used in future builds or sold in their Habitat for Humanity ReStore raising money towards build projects
  • Encourage exhibitors to use SmartWay carriers for shipping materials

  • Exhibitors use of Voyage Control virtual marshaling yard system to reduce idle times in staging areas by booking exact times for offloading materials
  • The Buildings Show has purchased carbon offsets for the entire event in Renewable Energy credits

  • LED lighting used throughout conference spaces and North Building

  • No HVAC during move-in/move-out

  • Lighting during move-in and move-out is set to 60%
  • Materials consumed for signage have been shifted to be either reusable or recyclable

  • Any promotional print materials distributed by The Buildings Show are FSC certified

  • The exhibitor sustainability guidelines assist in minimizing one-time use materials in their booth building and promotional activities onsite
  • Promoting exhibitors to become sustainable is a huge step in reducing our overall impact on the environment"

  • The Exhibitor Sustainability guidelines are communicated to exhibitors to assist in reducing their footprint when it comes to use of signage, booth structure materials, promotional materials, carpet, travel, etc. 


Virtual events carry a new level of sustainability, mainly environmental, that our F2F brands have not been able to benefit from. With exhibitors not travelling to an event there is a lower carbon footprint from not flying or driving, not shipping booth materials or energy being used inside their booths. Outside of this as well the impact of some one-time use items at the event would be spared such as handouts, booth building materials, crate dumping, signage or promotional items. On the other hand, delegates would not be wearing one-time use plastic badges, consuming a printed show guide or travelling as well, whether flying or driving. Overall these elements will reduce our impact from an environmental perspective mainly with reduction in waste and overall carbon footprint