NextGen Professional Career Hub

Dec. 4 - 6, 2019
Show: HomeBuilder & Renovator Expo
Location: North Building, Booth 7628

The Canadian construction industry retirement bubble is here, with over 250,000 trade workers and managers expected to retire in the next decade. NextGen is addressing the construction industry’s skilled worker shortage through social awareness, connecting graduates with AEC firms, and providing leadership training via in-class and one-on-one coaching. Visit the NextGen Professional Career Hub for live graduate to employer match-making, learn how to create successful LinkedIn profiles, and proactively get ready for your future.

Match Making: Register. Match. Meet.

Connecting potential employers and graduates is the first step of the NextGen Professional initiative. NextGen’s “Match Making” platform will allow the NextGen team the opportunity to live connect a potential employer with a student/graduate while they attend The Buildings Show. NextGen’s “Match Making” will follow a familiar process:

  • Register - potential employers and students/graduates will meet with a professional recruiter to discuss and submit a simple form detailing their company or themselves.
  • Match - the team of professional recruiters will compare the employer and student/graduate profiles searching for “matches”.
  • Meet - matching profiles will receive texts asking for them to return to the NextGen booth for a face-to-face meeting.

NextGen’s “Match Making” platform will be facilitated by professional recruitment firm AMC-Services. 

LinkedIn Opportunities & Pitfalls

LinkedIn is perhaps the most well-known online tool for professionals, thus utilizing it properly is paramount in today’s market. During five-minute Q&A presentations, NextGen will discuss what makes a LinkedIn profile positively stand out, and also some pitfalls to avoid. Presentations will include topics such as: selecting an appropriate profile image; displaying a job title; describing previous experience; how to showcase strengths; and, the importance of professionality. 

NextGen Professional Overview

Borrowing author Simon Sinek’s well-known concept “The Golden Circle”, attend five-minute Q&A presentations as NextGen describes its “Why”, “How”, and “What”, providing attendees with an overview of the NextGen initiative. NextGen’s goal of turning today’s graduates into tomorrow’s construction leaders requires collaboration on many fronts, and this presentation will show that all parties can join the NextGen initiative, and that together we can make a positive impact on the future of the Canadian construction industry.