Podcasts at #TBS19

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The Construction Life Podcast

This year, The Buildings Show has a number of new features going on and of course tech is on everyone's plate. We also get to hear from a couple of guests, Procore and NextGen.

Listen to the very end of this podcast as we have a surprise for our listeners.

Come to the show, check out all the booths and seminars going on over three days and follow along with Manny @hardcorerenos and Carlito @carl_pavlovic as they will be doing live podcasts at specific booths over the 3 days.



Tim Byrne Almost Live

Announcing the TimByrneAlmostLive.ca Podcasts on the Show Floor! Tim Byrne offers an uncensored look at the building manager and construction industry. Every week he debates the biggest players in the industry. 

Join Tim Byrne to hear experts discuss critical issues within property management.

Video Editor: 
Justin Lawrence @safecamp.photography