5th Annual IIDEX Woodshop

We're celebrating five years of IIDEX Woodshop!

Together with partners Ontario Wood and the City of Toronto with the support of PCL GraphicsAWMAC and Sawmill Sid, the 2017 collection will debut at IIDEXCanada @ The Buildings Show, November 29 & 30, 2017, at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, North Building, before it travels to other conferences, expos and design shows in 2018.

Don't miss these 13 innovative wood prototypes developed by talented emerging and established designers!

This year's entries were juried and selected by John Baker and Juli Daoust, Owners of Mjölk; Pooya Baktash, Architect, Co-Founder of PARTISANS; Lars Dressler,  Designer/Maker, Co-Founder, Brothers Dressler; Miles Keller, Industrial Designer, Dystil; David Podsiadlo, Partner, Lead Designer, Gus*; Peter Sobchak, Editor, Canadian Interiors; Paul Stevens, Senior Principal, Architect, ZAS Architects Inc.; Myrlene Sundberg, Owner, Urban Mode; Davide Tonizzo, Designer Artisan; Randa Tukan, Senior Vice President at HOK, and Yuill McGregor, Founder & President, North on Sixty.

The Urban Wood Industry

Toronto has a vibrant Urban Wood industry. But pests like the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) as well as old age and natural disasters are threatening this industry and destroying North American forests. To respond to this issue, Economic Development and Culture at the City of Toronto launched the Urban Wood Industry Development Initiative in order to encourage homeowners and industries to salvage and re-use trees felled in the Greater Toronto Area.

IIDEX Woodshop works with the City of Toronto to demonstrate how this valuable resource can be used to create innovative, market-ready commercial and consumer prototypes. Through this, we can divert approximately 100,000 trees lost each year in Toronto due to old age, storms and disease from city landfills. 

Toronto Ash Wood Fast Facts

Source: Economic Development & Culture, City of Toronto


2017 IIDEX Woodshop Designer Winners

Adam Shepperdley - SHEPPiD

Brian Velocci - Bit Modern  

Curtis Dwyer - Student, OCAD University 

Deagan McDonald + Kelsey Nilsen - ORIGINS

Di Tao and Bob Dodd - Objects and Ideas 

Donovan Jesse Tapunha - Shift Studio 

Edward WooHyun Chung and Hamza Adenap - Students, McEwen School of Architecture

Henry Lin - This or That Studio

Kurt Scanlan - Troop Studio 

Isabel Ochoa & James Clarke-Hicks

Sarah Rose Woods - Sarah Rose Woods 

Wayne Muma - Muma Fine Woodworking